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This is another of our projects aimed at bringing together and formalizing a network of partner experts across Brazil who are able to source exclusive, high-quality lots in their respective regions. The project also provides impetus for the production of these coffees by: conducting and supporting research and other quality-improvement initiatives, providing rewards and recognition for our producers, strengthening their insertion in the marketplace, and selling their lots at fair prices to discerning coffee lovers around the world.
Another important aspect of the project is to organize technical visits and regular meetings among members of the QUALITY PROSPECTORS group to encourage an ongoing dialogue about quality, new production techniques, preparation and storage, new varieties and, above all, to foster a better understanding of the many rapid changes taking place in the coffee market.

t is one more CAFEBRAS' project aimed to joining together and formalizing a group of
partners, of coffee experts active in different Brazilian producing regions, prospecting
exclusive and high-quality lots in their fields. The project also provides for stimulus to the
production of these coffees, by conducting and supporting research and other quality
improvement initiatives, seeking to reward and value their creators, and to promote their
connection to the markets, and the marketing of the lots at fair value aimed at
differentiated coffees lovers around the world.


Another important action predicted in the project will be conducting technical and
systematic meetings among members of the "QUALITY MINERS" group to generate
improvements and promote continuous exchange of information on quality, discussions of
new production techniques, preparation and storage, studies of new varieties and
especially better understanding of the innumerable and rapid changes taking place in the
coffee market.



In addition to Cafebras’s team, the QUALITY PROSPECTORS group includes professionals appointed by cooperatives, associations, agents and producers, among other partners, as well as researchers and scholars.




Meetings will be organized periodically by CAFEBRAS. In addition to quality and technical matters, they will also address market-related issues and consumption and production trends.



CAFEBRAS also will reward the Quality Prospector who accrues the most points during the year. Points are awarded according to the number of samples submitted by the Prospector that are acquired by CAFEBRAS, and will take into consideration: the number of bags and the weighting of the score on the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) scale.
CAFEBRAS will announce each year’s award prior to the new harvest.

This award is designed to reward the producer of the best coffee purchased by CAFEBRAS over the course of the year. It is our way of honoring partner farmers who are devoted to producing coffee that stands out for its quality, exclusivity and uniqueness.
The winner will receive a trip to the buyer’s country in the company of CAFEBRAS’s friends, where they will be able to meet and get to know the buyer better. There will also be visits to cafes, city tours and culinary and cupping experiences.

QUALITY CLUSTERS grew out of an initiative of the Cerrado Mineiro Federation of Coffee Growers, supported by SEBRAE/MG (a small business support service), a cooperative in the region and an exporting member. CAFEBRAS has supported the project unconditionally and is partner to the first two groups formed in the region, the first put together by CAPAL (Agricultural Cooperative of Araxá), and the second by COOCACER (Araguari Coffee Growers Cooperative). The project provides the technical support required by a group of producers in order to improve the quality of their coffees, in addition to selling truly outstanding lots, assessing and implementing new management techniques and after-harvest processing, and monitoring all lots produced.