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Your privacy is very important to us at Montesanto Tavares Group (GMT). We appreciate your trust in providing us with some of your personal information, and here we will inform you about the practices we adopt regarding them.

In everything we do, we aim to protect our data and information, just as we know it is important to you as well. Your personal data is a valuable asset that must be preserved. That's precisely why we created this Privacy Policy.

We have prepared this External Data Privacy Policy, referred to here as the Policy, with the main purpose of informing you about the collection, use, sharing, and general processing of your personal data, whether in digital or physical formats, in order to provide greater transparency on how and for what purposes GMT uses your data. It also explains how you can access and update your Personal Data and exercise your rights related to them.

The objectives of this Privacy Policy are:

  1. To establish guidelines and responsibilities of GMT to ensure and reinforce the group's commitment to compliance with applicable personal data protection laws.

  2. To provide transparency to you, as a data subject, about (i) the personal data we process and the purpose of the processing; (ii) how we protect your data; (iii) how long we store your information; (iv) with whom we may eventually share your data; and (v) what your rights are.

In any processing of personal data, GMT will observe the following principles of personal data protection:

  1. Purpose: GMT will process your personal data only for legitimate, specific, explicit, and informed purposes by you, the data subject, without the possibility of subsequent processing that is incompatible with those purposes.

  2. Adequacy: GMT will process your personal data in a manner compatible with the purposes informed by you as the data subject and in accordance with the context of the processing.

  3. Necessity: The processing of your personal data by GMT will be limited to the minimum necessary to fulfill its purposes, with the scope of data relevant, proportionate, and not excessive in relation to the purposes of the processing.

  4. Free Access: GMT will ensure that you, as the data subject, have easy and free access to information about the form and duration of the processing, as well as the completeness of your data.

  5. Data Quality: GMT will ensure the accuracy, clarity, relevance, and updating of the data, according to the need and for the fulfillment of the purpose of its processing.

  6. Transparency: GMT will provide you, as the data subject, with clear, accurate, and easily accessible information about the processing and the respective data processing agents, subject to commercial and industrial secrets.

  7. Security: GMT will use technical and administrative measures to protect your personal data from unauthorized access and accidental or unlawful destruction, loss, alteration, communication, or dissemination.

  8. Prevention: GMT will adopt measures to prevent damages due to the processing of your personal data.

  9. Non-Discrimination: GMT will ensure that the processing of your personal data is not carried out for unlawful or abusive discriminatory purposes.

  10. Accountability and Accountability: GMT commits to demonstrate the adoption of effective measures capable of proving compliance with personal data protection regulations and the effectiveness of these measures.

Oh, let us tell you right away that the controller of your personal data is GMT, to which you may or may not be directly affiliated.



Montesanto Tavares Group is a holding company experienced in all stages of the coffee chain, operating from coffee origin to the sale of blends overseas. In addition to coffee produced on our farms, the company purchases beans from small producers, supporting family farming and valuing coffee growers in the country. After the sourcing process, we have machinery and expertise to store and process the beans. All of this is carried out by our own companies and partners, such as Armazéns Leste de Minas (storage and reprocessing). Today, Montesanto Tavares Group has two exporting companies, Atlantica Coffee and Cafebras, and an importing company, Ally Coffee, in the USA, Europe, and Asia. These trading companies enable the group to negotiate and sell Brazilian coffee worldwide.



In this Policy, Montesanto Tavares Group establishes its commitment, which has always been emphasized, to transparency, confidentiality of your data, privacy, and security of each of its suppliers, partners, third parties, and all those involved in Administrative Management.

This Privacy Policy complies with Brazilian Law No. 13,709/2018, also known as the General Data Protection Law (LGPD), and other related regulations. It was developed to help you understand the information collected about you, how it is used, stored, for what purpose, and when it is deleted.

Our main purpose is to safeguard the transparency that has always been guaranteed, keeping you informed about what happens with your Personal Data shared with us, including during your visit to our website



To ensure that you have no doubts about the concepts used in this Policy, below is the definition of all the terms and acronyms used:

[The translated definitions of the terms provided in the original text]

Now that you know the meanings and concepts used in this Policy, we will inform you about the data we use, the retention period, with whom we share it, the security measures used, the legal bases used and permitted by law to justify the processing of your personal data for each purpose, and your rights as a data subject.



The data collected and processed by GMT, according to existing categories, are common personal data, essentially of a registration nature, such as name, CPF (individual taxpayer registry number), profession, address, and any data required for the preparation, management, and fulfillment of service contracts, granting benefits to our employees' dependents, contracting suppliers, service providers, customers, producers, brokers, and third parties.

Oh, remember, you will always be responsible for keeping your data updated in our database.



We process only the personal data necessary and appropriate for the purposes that support the collection, always observing the legal bases of the processing.

The purposes for which the data will be processed will vary according to your relationship with GMT and may be used, for example, to: (i) enable the payment of bills/invoices; (ii) receive proceeds from the sale of products and services; (iii) manage purchases from suppliers; (iv) purchase coffee and maintain relationships with suppliers and new producers; (v) foster customer acquisition; (vi) enable the management and defense in legal and administrative processes; (vii) comply with determinations for the regular exercise of rights; (viii) serve our legitimate interest; (iv) ensure the security of our operations.


The personal data collected is not the subject of artificial intelligence analyses that generate or may generate prejudiced or discriminatory treatment. Among the operations of personal data processing, there is no automated decision-making with personal data of any of the parties involved.

GMT does not engage in SPAM practices, therefore, we do not send unsolicited or unauthorized commercial emails to users. Consequently, in all communications you receive from us, you have the possibility to withdraw your express consent to receive our communications.

We will not process your personal data for any purpose other than those described, except for legal obligations or compliance with court decisions.



The entire data processing chain, which will be operated by us, will be based on one of the grounds provided for in the General Data Protection Law, such as, for example, the execution of the service contract for the sale of coffee or preliminary measures to the execution of such contract.

We may also use your data exclusively to fulfill legal obligations, such as informing tax authorities about issuing invoices. Or, we may keep your data stored exclusively for the exercise of our right relating to our defense in a judicial or administrative proceeding.



Regardless of who our partners are, with whom we eventually share your data, all of them will be operators or joint controllers of the data.

We require that everyone with whom we may eventually share your personal data comply with our rules on data protection and the LGPD's provisions, including disposal, compliance with the rights of data subjects, confidentiality obligations, information security rules, etc.

Under no circumstances do we sell or exchange your data with other individuals or legal entities.

We may share your data with competent judicial, administrative, or governmental authorities, regulatory agencies, whenever there is a legal determination, request, requisition, or court order.

We may also share your data with professionals delegated by us and necessary for the fulfillment of the scope of the contract concluded between us, such as lawyers, accountants, auditors.



GMT, for the best performance of its activities, may, under certain circumstances and when necessary, transmit your personal data to other companies within its economic group. Additionally, your data may be shared with partners and suppliers located in other countries, always in compliance with applicable legislation and in accordance with relevant contractual clauses.

Don't worry, GMT does not authorize contracted third parties to make any data transfer without your consent and validation.



Personal Data is stored for legal retention periods or for as long as necessary to fulfill the purposes for which it was collected, unless there is any other reason for its maintenance, such as compliance with any legal, regulatory, contractual obligations, among others, provided they are based on a legal basis.

Upon reaching the processing purposes, we may retain your data based on the regular exercise of rights in processes, for the legal term counted from the end of our legal relationship.

You should know that while we keep your data in our databases, we will ensure their complete integrity and security.

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