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100% arábica green coffee beans

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Founded in 2013, Cafebras is a company within the Montesanto Tavares group with over 50 years of tradition. Our purpose is to introduce the world to the finest Brazilian coffees, connecting origin producers, industries, and global consumers. We value the high quality, authenticity, and flavors of Brazilian coffees while sharing knowledge, culture, values, and the stories of our producers.

With proximity and trust, we have built strong relationships with coffee farmers over the past 10 years. Our focus is on providing coffees with guaranteed origin and quality, promoting sustainability, and supporting good agricultural practices. We serve over 55 countries and have shipped over 7 million bags of coffee, strengthening bonds of friendship and trust.

Based in Cerrado Mineiro and with units in the regions of Sul de Minas, Mogiana, and Matas de Minas, we continue to advance and promote the excellence of Brazilian coffees. Proud of our history and tradition, we constantly strive for the satisfaction of our partners and customers, involving and inspiring coffee lovers.

A Cafebras

Meet our team

Passionate people about coffee



50 years of experience

in the market


companies that promote and support Brazilian coffee farmers

30 milion

Bags of coffee

exported to

all continents of the planet

We are a Trading Company of the Montesanto Tavares Group, the largest coffee group in Brazil that operates in all stages of the coffee chain, from coffee production to the commercialization of blends worldwide.

The GMT companies (Atlantica Coffee, Ally Coffee, and Cafebras) are located in South America, Europe, North America, and operate on all continents.



Projects & Certifications

Coffee Solidarity Project: Transforming Lives

At the heart of the MONTESANTO TAVARES GROUP, we find the Coffee Solidarity Institute, a project aimed at positively impacting people's lives.


With a portion of our profits, we help improve the social and cultural conditions of approximately 195 individuals.

✓ 154 children and adolescents in Buritizeiro, Minas Gerais, Brazil;
✓ 26 elderly individuals in Santa Luzia, Minas Gerais, Brazil;
✓ 15 dedicated local teachers;
✓ We provide 324 daily meals;
✓We inspire through cultural workshops in arts, music, fashion, sewing, theater, literature, and more;
✓ We offer preparatory courses in English, Portuguese, Mathematics, and Computer Science;
✓ We advocate for the rights and well-being of children and adolescents.

Together, we are making a difference in the lives of these people, promoting a better future, and building a more compassionate community.

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Together, cultivating a sustainable future for Brazilian coffee farming.

The shared path towards increasingly responsible and sustainable agricultural production.



Partnerships & Certifications

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Sustainability Policy
Sustainability Report
GMT Code of Conduct
Whistleblower Channel

Respect and sustainability are at the core of our pillars.

Explore our Code of Conduct and Sustainability Policies, which reflect our commitment to transparency, responsibility, and sustainable practices.

We are committed to making a difference and promoting a more just and conscious future for the coffee industry.

Politica Codigo

Join Our Team

At CAFEBRAS, we believe that success is built by people.

If you are looking for an opportunity and want to be part of a dedicated and passionate team, please submit your resume to our talent pool so that we can reach out to you when new opportunities arise that match your profile.

Thank you for your interest in joining our team, and we wish you the best of luck in your professional journey.


We are looking forward to receiving your application!

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