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Together cultivating a sustainable future for Brazilian coffee farming.

The shared path towards increasingly responsible and sustainable agricultural production.





A Careful Look at the Coffee Supply Chain

We come from a group with strong roots in coffee farming, driven by a tradition of holistic approach and collaborative development. That's why we feel responsible for sharing our experience and knowledge in good agricultural practices with our coffee farming partners.


Regardless of the size of your farm, whether it's large, medium, or small, we aim to be the bridge between conscious management and the producers who drive the coffee industry. Together, we can find solutions for the sustainable use of natural resources and explore new ways to approach and conduct agricultural production. This commitment reflects in profitability, improved quality of life for workers in the field, and utmost respect for the environment.


We help farmers implement sustainable practices.

We certify sustainable coffee production.

We promote continuous improvement among producers.

Contributing to a more sustainable future.

How do we do it?

Our Field Technicians work closely with coffee farmers, helping them cultivate and harvest with environmental and social responsibility. We promote fair purchasing practices and strive to understand their realities, desires, and challenges, as we are also producers ourselves. We take pride in supporting family farming and promoting the valorization of coffee growers in our country.


This is the birth of GMT GREEN, an initiative by Grupo Montesanto Tavares that reflects our commitment to the development of increasingly responsible production, transmitting quality and responsibility through the origins of coffee cultivated in Brazilian fields.

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