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Our Projects

We go beyond coffee trading. Through actions, lectures, and initiatives aimed at producers and coffee lovers, we seek to disseminate knowledge, strengthen the coffee culture, and elevate the quality of the coffee experience.

Join us on this journey of sharing and discovery, where each project is an opportunity to learn, grow, and connect.

Welcome to our inspiring Cafebras projects!

The "GARIMPEIROS DE QUALIDADE" project is a visionary initiative by Cafebras, bringing together coffee experts from various regions of Brazil. Our goal is to prospect and discover unique lots of high-quality coffee, stimulating production through research and other improvement initiatives. We value the producers, promoting their connection to different markets and ensuring fair value practices.


The "GARIMPEIROS DE QUALIDADE" project involves professionals designated by cooperatives, associations, agents, producers, researchers, and coffee experts, in addition to the Cafebras team.



The meetings are scheduled periodically by Cafebras, aiming to address technical issues, quality, and foster discussions about the market and consumer and production trends. It is a space to share knowledge and drive the evolution of coffee.


We value the merit of the participants in the project. Cafebras will award the Garimpeiro who accumulates the highest number of points throughout the year. The scoring is related to the number of samples presented and acquired by Cafebras, taking into account the quantity of bags and the coffee rating on the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) scale. The award is announced by Cafebras prior to the harvest season.

Join us on this journey in search of the treasures of Brazilian coffee!


The "Quality Cult" project by CAFEBRAS is an initiative aimed at disseminating coffee culture through various activities such as training sessions, workshops, lectures, festivals, and seminars. Our goal is to explore relevant topics in the world of coffee, from its origin and history to sensory characteristics and brewing methods. Additionally, we aim to encourage the production of high-quality coffees by supporting projects and initiatives that value producers and promote continuous improvement.

An inspiring immersion
into the world of coffee.

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Exploring Origins, Connecting People.

During the Week of Origin, Cafebras delves into the world of coffee, connecting directly with coffee farmers and valuing their unique characteristics. We share knowledge, exchange experiences, and strengthen the Brazilian coffee production. Technical visits, systematic meetings, and quality discussions allow us to explore new techniques, varieties, and keep up with the rapid changes in the market.

We celebrate the people and relationships that make each coffee special.


Semana Origem
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We value the origins for the talent of those

who produce

The Brazilian Origins Champions Competition by CAFEBRAS is a celebration of the talent and dedication of the people who produce coffee in different regions of Brazil.

Valuing the origins means recognizing the effort and respect that each producer puts into every stage of production, making the coffee even more special.

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